Ferat by MR.Blade



 History of the knife FERAT


One of the main characteristics and parameters of the knife is reliability. The engineers were tasked with designing a folding tactical knife with a powerful dagger-shaped blade. In the process, when designing a knife-dagger, we encountered one feature. When choosing a lock mechanic, we opted for a basic liner lock, since this lock is reliable, unpretentious and the biggest plus for a tactical folding knife is that it can be instantly opened with one hand. For this purpose, there are special elements at the base of the blade - cylindrical pins, that have a round shape.

The knife was originally designed using a ballbearing assembly. The widest support with a bearing of a larger diameter made it possible to eliminate vertical backlash to a minimum. This knife has a thick construction, so it is very strong and reliable. However, the knife is quite light, so you can easily carry it with you all day long.

During the designing and testing of the samples, one feature was noticed. The reliability of holding the blade in the working position was influenced by the thickness and angle of the heel, plus the size of the liner. With a narrow and long blade relative to the width, it was necessary to keep it securely in the open position, it was necessary to increase the thickness of the liner. And since the liner in the design is part of the knife frame, this would lead to an increase in the size and weight of the knife. This is how an additional liner retainer appeared. The gracefully and reliably designed retainer turns the knife into a powerful fighting tool that has become almost a full-tang.

We were inspired by the Czechoslovakian film «Ferat Vampire». The knife takes the name of a mechanical monster in the form of a car that feeds on human blood. But our little pocket monster serves the other way around - it is a reliable assistant in different life situations.

For certain purposes, the knife can be used without opening the blade, for example, breaking a glass. In this case, the knife is being used as a stick, while the blow is applied with the handle.

After finishing and testing all units and elements on samples, a further task was set by the designers. 3D modeling, prototyping on CNC machines and using 3D printers, the designers completed the task 100%. Ferat received new laconic forms and attractive design and the possibility of using the clip that is rearranged on both sides. Under the lanyard, you can use the extreme link in the heel of the handle.. Now on the market there are already counterfeit parodies with similar designs.

High tech and concise, sparkling and modern, progressive design and high-quality components – all this are Ferat.  Attention to small details will reveal that real pro team was working hard on this model.

Dagger blade shape with false blade predetermines high penetration ability.  Additional lateral stiffness achieved by fuller.  For cutting perfection with thick enough blade hollow grind is used, providing an absolute control over the cut.  Opening is enhanced with ball bearing, making the opening a snap.  The handle has a powerful 0.087 inch (2.2 mm) frame with two pointers serving as a glass braker.  Additional safety is provided by liner lock, eliminating closing of the blade under load.