The history of the first knife



The history of the appearance of the first knife




What invention of mankind do you consider the most important? Someone will say the wheel, and someone will note the importance of the computer. However, in our humble opinion, one of the important elements invented by man can be safely called a knife. It was this invention that allowed a person to get out of the comfort zone in which he was and turn from a victim into a hunter.


The knife became the invention that emerged as a result of the human need for survival. This element allowed a person to climb the food chain from the lowest step to the very top in a short period of time. Without such an elementary object, a man of the past could not hunt, fish, gather food, build houses, and so on.


The first knives found by archaeologists date back to 2.6 million years ago.


The finds were very crude. They were made from pieces of cracked stone. Spearheads were made in the same way. The primitiveness of these products was high, but already at that time it allowed them to protect themselves and their shelter from wild animals.


Changes in the structure of steel knives appear just with the beginning of the Homo Sapiene period. However, they were still made exclusively of stone. With the development of mankind, copper, tin, bronze and later metal knives began to appear.


Naturally, modern models are fundamentally different from those protection tools, but the essence of their application remains the same. Thus, modern models and historical artifacts have the same history and application.