Lisa birch

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Code: 4058
Brand: AiR Zlatoust
€125 / pcs
Category: AiR Zlatoust
Handle material: Birch
Blade material: 95x18
Total blade length (mm): 255
Weight (gr): 128
Blade length (mm): 135
Blade thickness (mm): 2.4

Medium-sized, universal light and durable knife. The thickness of 2.4 mm gives it additional strength. There is a hole under the cord at the top of the handle. Great choice for most types of forest work. It still enjoys popularity among buyers.

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OK Avatar of author | 14.3.2022
A very elegant, beautiful and useful knife! This is a really good "mid-sized" knife in my opinion. Lisa (Лиса - fox) is as all knives from A&R Zlatoust a hight quality product. Engravings are beautiful, handle and blade well made. I have mainly used Lisa for outdoors activity like camping/backpacking/hiking etc. It does these jobs very well! The knife is very nimble and easy to maneuvre, especially when accounting for its size! For what I am using it for, it is the perfect all-round knife and thus the knife I use the most. 95х18 steel from Zlatoust is amazing and is very robust! Handle feels great and it is just a joy to use this knife! A couple of things to note: In my opinion blade thickness of this knife is not an issue at all, but I would avoid trying to split very very hard woods with it, or coconuts for example. I would also refrain from using it as a prying tool. We have 4mm thick knives for those jobs so please do not use Lisa for what it is not intended for. The sheath is good but knife is only secured by friction. For me this is a non issue right now, but you might have to try and shrink the leather a little bit in the future if you are not confident that the shieth holds the knife securely. Fortunatly there are lots of guides on how to do this. In the end I give it 5/5 as it is so practical and from the second I got it I have not been able to not use it for something in my adventures! It basically never gets left at home when I go out in nature. In the end, I would say that the best knife is the one that gets used the most.