Phoenix Combat textolit

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Code: 485
Brand: Kizlyar
€186 / pcs
Category: KIZLYAR
Handle material: Textolit
Blade material: U-8
Total blade length (mm): 336
Weight (gr): 368
Blade length (mm): 207
Blade thickness (mm): 5.4

Knives of this type are called "bear knives". This model is intended for use when hunting a bear or wild boar. The knife is made of one piece of steel with a thickness of 5.4 millimeters. The symmetrical shape of the blade with a sharp tip ensures high penetration. Secure holding of the knife is ensured by recesses under the fingers.

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AH Avatar of author | 29.2.2024
Blade came with yellow discolorations on the blade in 3 places when shown towards strong light. I used a stone to clean it up, then oiled it. Otherwise, very satisfied. The handle is much better than shown in the pictures. Sort of smooth but also grippy. Could be bigger just as the hand guards. However the biggest surprise is the shape of the blade. You have to hold it in your hand and feel it to appreciate it! Longer and thinner than anticipated, yet light and very well balanced. Difficult to fathom the full shape at first, it is sort of a specialist knife, definitely not for chopping trees, but a true Russian bear knife! Would be interesting to compare side-by-side to the Tops Wild Pig Hunter, which of course is not available since the last 6 months at least!!!!