Razvedbat VMF black

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Code: 4080
Brand: AiR Zlatoust
€243 / pcs
Category: Tactical knives
Handle material: Plexiglas
Blade material: 95x18
Blade length (mm): 150
Blade thickness (mm): 4
Total blade length (mm): 275
Weight (gr): 196
The item has been sold out…

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OK Avatar of author | 14.3.2022
A really cool knife! Perfect for outdoor/hiking/backpacking situations. Great quality product as expected from A&R Zlatoust. Razvedbat knives are clearly inspired/derived from the legendary NR-40 knife, but most notably, unlike the WW2 original, the handguard is not "inverted". A couple of things to note: Fool proof, well made leather sheath. A really thick blade that can handle some violence. The handguard while in some situations give a + for eregonomics and gives a + for safety, is also limiting the knife when using it on a cutting board for example. It is a pretty heavy knife for its size, there are other knives in similar sizes that are much lighter (for me this is a non-issue but for someone else it could be bad). Some of my experiences and tips: I really enjoy this knife as a nice outdoor knife. The thick blade gives confidence when splitting wood for a fire by using another piece of wood like a hammer on the knife. It also works great for prying things open as it is so strong. While 95х18 may be A&R Zlatousts "standard" or "basic" option, it is really a phenomenal steel. I have opened multiple metal cans of meat and edge is still standing strong! The grip suits my large hands very well and felt right from the first time holding it. I would say though, if you are a girl with small hands, think twice about bying it if you plan on using it for more than just decoration/collection. I do not know if the wooden handle is smaller or not, but seems unlikely. Unless you really like the aesthetics of the plastic Razvedbat handles (like VMF, VDV or MVD patterns), or unless you really do not like wood for some reason, I would recommend wooden Razvedbat for the weight I think. For what I use it for, it is reliable and does what I want it to and therefore I give it 5/5.