Steel AUS-8



Steel AUS-8



Choosing a compromise between Damascus steels with a hardness of 58-62 HRC and stainless steel of the 95X18 and 50X14MF type, pay attention to the AUS-8 steel, which by its characteristics occupies an intermediate position between them, that is, the "golden mean".

Some call it "obsolete steel", but we see only advantages in this - AUS-8 is easy to process, eminent gunsmiths and artisans know how to work with it, so the risk of encountering low-quality blades made of Japanese stainless steel is very small, although ... In general, as always, Buy where there is a return guarantee in which case.


10 characteristics of AUS-8 steel and knives made of it :

  • High mechanical properties (strong steel);
  • Easy to grind and polish;
  • With proper heat, AUS-8 knives show an aggressive cut, keep sharpening well;
  • Resistance of the cutting edge of knives to chipping;
  • Medium corrosion resistance (don't forget to care for the knife);
  • Has toughness (feel free to use for cleavers, machetes and tourist hatchets);
  • Easily sharpened at home, as well as with improvised means;
  • Relatively low price with stable quality;
  • Recommend knives from AUS-8 for hunters, fishermen, tourists, hikers, fishermen, chefs or for work in the kitchen.


Negative moments :

  • Prolonged exposure of the knife in a humid environment may undergo pitting (pitting) corrosion;
  • The hardness of steel can "walk" from manufacturer to manufacturer, but within reasonable limits.


Chemical composition :


 C Si  Mn Cr  Mo   V      
0.7-0.75  1.0   0.5 13.0-14.5  0.1-0.3 0.1-0.26