Steel D2


Famous steel D2



D2 - high quality tool steel. At the moment it is out of competition due to the class level and the corresponding quality. It contains all the necessary qualities, and the components are combined in the correct ratio.

Information :

D2 is a premium steel of a special segment, which is appreciated by many experts in this field. The alloy has a high level of carbon and chromium in its composition, is resistant to corrosion, wear, as well as all kinds of loads and mechanical stress. The finished D2 knife has excellent cutting properties and will not dull with prolonged use.


D2 steel chemical composition :


Carbon (C)% Manganese (Mn)% Chromium (Cr)% Silicon (Si)% Molybdenum (Mo)% Vanadium (V)% HRC D2
1.55 0.35 11-13 0.45 0.90 0.90




In addition to the presence and correct ratio of the above elements, the manufacture of steel cannot do without heat treatment. This process takes place at temperatures reaching 870 degrees. After that, it cools down, undergoes pre-planned processing, and then hardens again. Only then is it cooled outside high temperatures.


Advantages of D2 steel for knives :

  • Steel has high hardness - it keeps sharpening for a long time,
  • Steel is a semi-stainless steel,
  • The carbon content makes the cut of this steel more aggressive,
  • Low price.


Disadvantages of D2 steel for knives :


Of course, this steel has disadvantages. Any steel has its drawbacks. D2 has practically one - steel is not completely stainless. Given the high carbon content of steel, D2 knives can be “pitted”. slight pitting, and on contact with acidic media, the blade may darken slightly.


Analogs :

Among the high-carbon steels, the D2 grade is the most popular. If you sharpen the knife blade correctly, then such a knife will serve its owner for a long time. Among the Russian counterparts, the X12MF steel grade is known, and in Japan the analogue of steel is the SLD grade. Blades made of this steel do not rust, but it is preferable not to leave the knives in a humid environment, but wipe with a dry cloth after use.


Conclusion :

Summing up, we can say about steel D2 that it has more pluses than minuses. D2 steel has excellent anti-corrosion properties, but not enough chromium to be called stainless. It has a high hardness, holds the sharpen well. But it is less tough in comparison with competitors, therefore, in order to sharpen it, you will have to seek the help of a master.